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Why Freelancer IT

“All great things are simple and most can be expressed in just a few words”
  • Freedom: You can make your own decisions, work with the people you like, while building your schedule the way you want.
  • Duty: One of the most comforting feelings is to know that you can count on reliable and dedicated people, people that work with pleasure and manage to deliver tasks on time.
  • Affordable: It costs much less than working with digital agencies, staffing businesses or hiring in-house.
  • Efficient: Work with Freelancers remotely and save on management overhead.
  • Hope: We believe in change and in the fact that things can be done differently. We believe in a dream and we are searching for people to share it with.

work with Freelancers remotely and save on management overhead

our support team will help you through any issues you may have at any time Find a freelancer

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Register your company in our database of IT companies in Romania! There are only a few simple steps between you and a whole range of benefits! With a simple profile that features the company description, its field of work, the employees and core values, your company can enjoy a better visibility on the market.
It doesn‘t matter if you are an IT student, an employee or a freelancer, you will find your place here. Whether you are looking for an extra income or doing this for fun, here is the right place to start. Create your profile and apply on your favorite projects or simply wait to be contacted and be presented with interesting job opportunities.
Pick your team or contact the desired person directly and start whenever you want. Simplify the recruitment process by describing your project and convincing freelancers to apply. You can also choose to concentrate on promoting your company in a smart and effective way. Whatever your choice, you can do it with us!
We know what it‘s like to be time-strapped or just in need of an expert opinion and have nowhere to start from. We can step-up and help by taking all this off your hands! This way you will benefit of our proven team of recruiters who will pick the best people for your projects.