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About us



FreelancerIT is the first freelancing site specialized on the IT market from Romania. It is the meeting place of three best friends: businesses, freelancers and opportunities.
FreelancerIT emerged from the desire to create a strong connection between IT specialists and projects available both on the domestic market and on the international one.



At FreelancerIT we provide intermediation services between labor and projects. We welcome on the platform all IT enthusiasts: from students who want to support themselves while finishing their studies to employees who choose to work in their spare time. We make sure that everyone gets promoted for their skills, helping them find the best projects to work on.
The projects are both national and international, covering a wide range of skills and required expertise, offering a great way to gain experience and be presented with exciting opportunities. We offer people the chance to learn new things, to work with different people and earn a good income effectively.
This way we offer opportunities both for companies looking for IT specialists and for the ambitious freelancers looking for new projects and improve their skills.



First and foremost we believe in the people on this site. We believe in those who want to develop and grow, both small companies and IT professionals and we know that we can create something beautiful together. We believe in their dreams, we believe in your dreams and we intend to prove the quality of the Romanian IT industry.