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Programming  Languages    Good knowledge: Pascal, C   Medium knowledge: C++, Java   Beginner: SQL, PHP,  Operating Systems     Linux and Windows Video and Sound ...


Software Engineer
Creez  solutii software si Website-uri de mai bine de 5 ani .pana in prezent am peste 150 de proiecte finalizate deasemenea creez si aplicati pentru Android.

Software Developer for Microsoft ,Google,Yahoo,Android
20 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Webdesign SEO Optimization PHP / HTML Wordpress Joomla e-Commerce (Prestashop, Magenta, WoCommerce)

Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Premiere
9 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,


Software Engineer
Open minded and eager to learn , socially adapted and a solution builder.



Young student who wants to make some extra money in his spare time. Interested in Music Production, Graphic Design, C# and C++ programming, Translating and anything I'm capable of.

C# Programming - 1 year experience C++ Programming - 3 years of experience Graphic Design - 2 years of experience Translating - 5 years of experience Music Production - 2 years of experience
10 EUR/h, 25 Hours/Week,


Web Developer, Software Developer, Designer

  Web Design -HTML, CSS, JS   Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Animate MS Office - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher Programmer - C++, C#, JavaScript Linux - Advanced& Server Management
10 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


Software Consultant

 Smallworld Technologies: Smallworld GIS PNI, LNI, GSS, SIAS   Programming Visual Basic Magik JAVA Visual C Visual FoxPro Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Pascal Android   Web   Java ...
20 Hours/Week,


Inginer, managemet in alimentatie publica si turism
Buna Perfectionist, cred ca asta e un plus dar si un minus, e posibil sa imi dedic prea multa atentie pe un proitect sau o sarcina si poate pierd detaliile de la altceva ce poate fac. Is capabil sa multi-task-ui doar ca daca ma fixez pe ceva anume ...

Pot utiliza un calculator la nivel avansat, asta dupa gradarea nationala; dar depinde de ce imi este dat de facut.Cu un calculator poti face foarte multe
1.8 EUR/h, 30-35 Hours/Week,


Freelancer &Translator
Hi....... I can do any work of the freelancer.such as data entry &Typing file PDF to Word files and many more work in the same fields and do remember me in every task in which you need a freelancer...... Urdu native translator    

15 *** EUR/h, all Hours/Week,