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Automation Engineer

  Programming efficiency and great design
. EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


Software Engineer
Sunt pasionat de programare si calculatoare in general. Am lucrat si lucrez in domeniul software-ului. Creez, mentin si modific software in mai multe sisteme si limbaje. Ca si hobby am microcontrolerele pe 8 biti.

2001-2003 - VB6, Java, Oracle, ModBus. 2003-2006 - C#, SqlServer, VBA. 2006-2014 - Java, Python, PHP, MySql, SqlServer, Firebird, C, SqlServer, VBA, Sysadmin (Windows si Linux), Networking, Git   2014-Now - Go, Java, C#, C, Docker, AWS, ...
25 EUR/h, 10-20 Hours/Week,


Music Producer, IT Software, Webdesign
I will professionally mix, master, produce, co-produce, ghost write, remake and remix your productions based on your voice or musical ideas (vocal samples / midi).

Music Production: Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Ghost Production Software Development Webdesign
60 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


Technical Consultant

C# - averageHTML - advancedCSS - averageAJAX - averageJSON - averageASP.NET - averageMVC - beginnerJavascript - averageJquery - averagePHP - averageMSSQL - averageMysql - averageMatlab - sound and image processing-beginnerLinux - beginner->average
10 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week,


iOS Developer
iOS Developer for > 5 years with over 15 apps submitted and approved on the Appstore. 

iOS  Web Api XML Json Xcode


Software Development E2E Services
Having built a complete team since 2015 (management/business analysis/architecture/test engineering/consultancy/development), GekkoFox delivers projects for enterprise customers representing some of the largest industries in the world: Telco, ...

Java/JavaEE/Android SDK/iOS app development .NET/C#/Microsoft stack - certified Frontend - AngularJS, Reakt, Vue etc DataBases - Hadoop, BigData, SQL, MsSql, MySQL - certified



VB.NET, C#, VBA, FoxPro, HTML, JavaScript. PostreSQL, Access.
10 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week, Romania


Computer Science Student
Currently attending 3rd year of Undergraduate at Politehnica University of Timisoara.

Programming Languages: - C/C++ - C# - Java - Python - PHP - Javascript (And node.js) - Google sheets/Excel editing/scripting  
10 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week,


Salut, Sunt un simplu programator ce iti poate da idei de design si de user experience, dar totodata te poate ajuta sa iti creezi si/sau sa iti intretii aplicatia. Daca ai nevoie de ajutor, fie el cat de mic, nu ezita sa ma contactezi.

.NET, C#, SQL, Java, Angular
20 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week,


Java Developer

Operating Systems:<?Windows 98/XP/Vista/7, Linux Ubuntu>      Programming Languages: <?Java, JavaScript, HTML, C/C++,SQL> Software: < Eclipse RAP, Eclipse RCP, OSGi,JSF, JSP, Hibernate, EJB3, Spring Injection, ...
12 Hours/Week,