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How it works


It couldn't be easier! If you are an IT person, you have an IT company or are simply in need of someone who has expertise in the field, you just need to give the platform a spin and you'll find what you need.



The best thing for freelancers is that everything is free. The steps are simple:

  • You create your account;
  • You fill in your profile with your personal info;
  • Companies may contact anytime for remote projects;


  • You can apply directly for the available projects on the platform, where you think you fit best.

When a company is interested in your services, they will contact you to negotiate the terms of the collaboration. Once that is settled you can start working right away. You also have the option to apply on any projects that you find on the platform. Don't wait to be contacted, take the initiative and make yourself noticed by showing your interest in joining the project.

One important note, though. Your should aim to fill-in all the fields on your profile page. This will help you get involved in the projects you are best skilled for. At the end of the day, the purpose is to find the perfect freelancer for each project and only by providing complete information about yourself you can show that you are the right person for the job.



FreelancerIT is just the platform for your company if:

  • You target IT industry;
  • You target other industries, but you have a project that requires technical skills;
  • Or you simply need IT services;

What is important to underline is  that you have many other advantages. Not only our packages offer you much lower prices compared to using an intermediary, but you can also advertise your company through FreelancerIT. Also, you can directly choose your desired team, you can directly call the people from the database and you can start anytime.



Firstly, you choose one of our packages!

Version Post a Project

  • You register the project on the platform;
  • You complete the project's description in detail;
  • Freelancers will apply directly for it.

Version Search the Database

  • Look in our Freelancers database for the suitable freelancer;
  • Click on the “Unlock all details” button;
  • You can directly contact the freelancer.

Version We recruit for you

  • Contact us at: or 0733 777 981;
  • Tell us about your needs;
  • We will find the freelancer or the team of freelancers for you.



Even companies can have their own profile on FreelancerIT. This way we can build a database of the IT companies in Romania, increasing their visibility and making them known in the IT market.

The aim is to create links between them and the people who want to seek their services, both in the country and outside it.