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GIS Picture to CAD Plan

We are a company which is doing irrigation layout planning for farms. In order to streamline and optimize our planning process we are planning to use drones to take areal pictures which are then processed by the software for doing CAD planning and this with the highest possible degree of automatization. 

The ideal solution / end product gets the areal picture from the drone. Depending on the type of orchard we would additionally feed some (referencing) data like row spacing and tree spacing sprinkler data, water lines and sources and then the software makes a CAD grid/drawing with the sprinkler layout including calculation of proper pipe dimensions for the water distribution. This can then be altered according to customer needs and wishes. Final planning refinement is done in CAD software.


Important is the first step of recognizing rows and other regular patterns from the picture, depending on the orchard, in order to draw the general structure of the layout.  In other words to draw the orchard in CAD or any other format which the can be ported into CAD.


The next step is the pipe design and finally everything should be portable as well. (at the field right after the drone has landed).

What skills are needed?

Software Programming, GIS data and CAD skills

1/2 year
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