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Project closed!

Android Engineer - 30 hours per week

Responsibilities include

·       Design and development of stand-alone Android apps.

·       Design and development of  mobile framework, a native platform for speeding up the development of applications into the radio industry. This includes the app-side elements of the framework, as well as input into the support infrastructure that sits around this.  

·       Assisting with application testing, fault finding and application builds.

·       Brain-storming ideas with the rest of team, and prototyping new ideas to ensure we (and our customers) can stay ahead of the competition.

What skills are needed?

·       Excellent Android and Java development skills with a proven track record across a range of apps.

·       Experience of Kotlin, and an understanding of how Kotlin and Java can co-exist, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

·       Ability to work in a distributed team, with the confidence to work independently as well as seek assistance and work collaboratively when required.  

·       A fundamental understanding of coding and an ability to work things out from first principles.

·       An interest in other platforms and integrations, such as Chromecast, Carplay, iOS, Alexa, Sonos and the like.

·       Excellent attention to detail, and a desire to be proud of what you do.

·       An appreciation of why design and UX is important.

·       Experience with RESTful API’s

·       Experience on other mobile or tablet platforms would be nice.

Personal Characteristics:

·       Good problem solving skills, with an ability to think on your feet and the ability to solve issues quickly. 

·       Team player with an ability to communicate ideas verbally and in written form.

·       Excitement about how smartphones and tablets are changing the world and a general interest in the tech industry.

·       Open to new technologies, and a willingness to try new things. 

·       An interest in radio is helpful!

3 to 6 months
Experience level:
15 - 30 EUR per hour
Number of Hires:

Applications (3)