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Machine Learning Data Curation Specialist


  • Research and catalog machine learning training, validation, and testing data sets, including video, images, and audio
  • Guide the creation and unification of data acquisition tools (crawl, synthesize, capture)
  • Guide (uniform) approaches to metadata quality processes and tools (crowd sourcing, manual labeling etc.)
  • Work with IT and back-end engineering on compatibility of data tools and methods with back-end infrastructure
  • Guide the *** ion of data sets (training, validation, testing) in compliance with product requirements
  • Fill specific data needs, working with our image and audio acquisition teams
  • Source and negotiate the licensing and/or acquisition of data sets
  • Guide and be an evangelist of PII policy (GDPR, CCPA, US Privacy Shield…)

What skills are needed?
  • BS or MSc degree in a relevant field with at least 2 years relevant industry experience
  • Experience sourcing or creating data sets for machine learning training or testing
  • Understands common intellectual property business fundamentals and common terms and conditions, such as fields of use, licensing rights, indemnification, etc.
  • Detail orientation with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Self-motivated and focused
  • Comfortable collaborating with geographically dispersed teams
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Conversant in machine learning fundamentals
  •  A strong drive to solve problems and disrupt the status quo
  •  Understanding that data security and policy are critical part of data curation

6 months
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