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Frontend Developer

·      Web UI development via scripting of HTML , HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
·      Advanced knowledge of JavaScript libraries like AngularJS or DurandaJS
·      Good understanding of asynchronous request handling
·      Advanced SQL and NoSQL knowledge
·      Web UI state management via React.js or similar
·      Python scripting for UI and workflow integrations
·      Develop reusable code and libraries
·      Familiarity with the Pytorch and/or TensorFlow frameworks
·      Familiarity with Tensorflow tfRecords and binary storage formats
·      Familiarity with ML model processing from data acquisition to inference
·      Creation and maintenance of XML and JSON schemas
·      Develop REST APIs integrations
·      Experience with Node.js
·      Develop and support Kubernetes application container orchestration
·      Develop and support Docker containers for software packages
·      Develop and support code and frameworks in a GPU ML infrastructure
·      Scripting to configure, monitor, performance tune, alert and troubleshoot GPU, ML, processes and data flow jobs
·      Collaborate with backend developers
·      Infrastructure as code management and scripting for infrastructure automation
·      Experience with the Apache open source stack (Hadoop, HDFS, HIVE, Spark, Flume …)
·      Exposer to scripting AWS cloud infrastructure like Lambda functions, Kinesis and/or AZURE Functions
·      Experience using Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence, plus Bitbucket and Git for version control
Familiar with development methodologies such as Agile/Kanban 

What skills are needed?
  • ·      BS or MSc degree in a relevant field with at least 3 years relevant industry experience
  • ·      Experience as full stack developer with a focus on UI and UX
  • ·      Exposer to machine learning concepts
  • ·      Detail orientation with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • ·      Self-motivated and focused
  • ·      Comfortable collaborating with geographically dispersed teams
  • ·      Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • ·      Conversant in machine learning fundamentals
  • ·      Take pride in finding ways to do things better, faster and correct. A focus on automation

6 months
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