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Project closed!

traffic bot/plugin etc.500-1000 viewers

Im looking for person who will build bot or app or know how to generate people/viewers to room on I need about 500-1000 people. They can be fake.


Software can be delivered as service or program.

What is should be able to do :
Creating *** on the site.
Saving the accounts for reuse.
rotating names of bots
Entering a room as Registered and not registered user
Able to add own usernames in a list/database.
Able to handle multiple rooms.
Able to be scheduled.
Able to use a different proxy for every user in viewing and creation.
Entering a room throttled. (Like 500 user enters in 30 minutes in random pauses)
To keep bandwith low switch of the video. (if it will be a program).
And a simple management page. call me 0734316999

What skills are needed?
2 months
Experience level:
Number of Hires:

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