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Costin Bogdan

Costin Bogdan

QA Compliance Analyst


I'm a freelancing software compliance analyst/tester with experience around Android (&Amazon), iOS and Windows Phone platforms. I'm able to perform the required testing of an application through its entire development cycle in order to observe how compliant it is with the Google/Amazon/Apple/Microsoft requirements.

Experience level: senior
Rate Euro/h: 4
Hours available per week: 30

Communication skills

Good communication skills, verbally and written, gained through my experience working with local and offsite team.


Organisational / managerial skills

- Leadership - was responsible for a team of 5 people

- Good organizational skills, and team leading skills, gained as a primary point of contact for projects I worked on


Job-related skills


· Good Quality Assurance background and knowledge (mobile devices)

· Expert knowledge of iOS and Android operating systems and devices

· Excellent knowledge of testing applications based on Apple/Google/Amazon

· Requirements and guidelines

· User oriented point of view

· Very motivated and devoted to finding and fixing application bugs

· Ability to combine functionality/networking and destructive testing in order to find and maximize bug findings and reporting

· Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools (skills of Excel and Word)

· Ability to troubleshoot and quickly fix Computer Related issues that might occur (problems faced with consist of faulty peripheral devices, Ethernet cable port maintenance, User Profile and Group Policy permissions, etc.)

- Knowledge in using Microsoft Office™ Outlook for group mail related information, task management, prioritizing and flagging important e-mail, managing and creating complex e-mail rules, etc.

Data Science & Analytics
Mobile App Developers
English - advanced

8 Oct 2012–8 Jun 2015

QA Compliance Tester II

Electronic Arts, Bucharest (Romania)


?    Analyze and understand specific EA and projects requirements on various mobile

platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Window 8,Kindle, etc.)

?    Ability to understand and work with JavaSDK, Android SDK, Windows Phone DevKits and Xcode development utilities

Daily tasks:

?    Find, report, and verify issues on assigned projects

?    Own all or part of the testing effort on multiple projects simultaneously

?    Compose daily and weekly reports to the team manager and points of contact

?    Generate documentation on tools and processes

?    Assisting at the entire testing cycle of the games that were not yet launched on the market, as well as reporting/checking the game's issues in/from the database of the project

?    Testing the mobile games and verifying the functionality, the data content, the performance, the usability and the platform compatibility of the applications

?    Participant at the application's design, by following certain instructions/design documents or by suggesting logical improvements

?    Participant, at the test lead's request (with a temporary character), at projects or activities inside departments or between departments, depending on my skills and abilities at resolving the team's objectives


8 Jun 2015–Present

QA Compliance Analyst I

Electronic Arts, Bucharest (Romania)


?    Assisting and coordinating the TestOps team in their testing, providing testing builds and supervising the test cycle;

?    Participating in meetings with the Game Teams in order to recommend the best implementation of the application's features in order to comply with the 1st parties (Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft)

?    Keeping the Game Teams updated with the latest 1st Party requirements, EA Requirements

?    Assisting at the entire testing cycle of the games that were not yet launched on the market, as well as reporting/checking the game's issues in/from the database of the project;

?    Participant at the application's design for the *** of the application, following certain instructions/design documents;

?    Participant at projects or activities inside departments or between departments, depending on my skills and abilities at solving the team's objectives.

?    Ability to manage a small team to maintain and improve testing quality and ensure a constant flow of daily bug submissions and/or information required by the Development Team/Production/Other QA Departments/etc.

?    Excellent ability in organizing teams to provide a fluid and optimal workflow

?    Knowledge in prioritizing key stages of projects and focus on specific project related areas

?    Able to create test-scripts in DevTest, with proper steps to follow and rules for labeling

?    Able to use different databases: DevTrack, Hansoft, Jira

?    General Mobile Domain knowledge: Setting up and firing Push notifications via dev tools, Micro transactions,

?    Windows platform knowledge:

- Knowledge of .xap files and how to extract contents

- Knowledge of Simulate Update builds and their behavior

- Obtaining and understanding the WMAppManifest.xml and AppManifest.xaml

- Understanding the benefits and *** ations of a beta build and is able to install such a build (dev-in-prod method)

?    iOS platform knowledge:

- Xcode/iTunes

- Extraction and understanding of the info.plist file

- Understand and remain current with all Apple requirements

- .ipa files and how to extract contents

?    Android platform knowledge:

- Understand and remain current with all Google requirements

- Obtaining and understanding the game manifest

- Use of the Adb tool


Daily tasks:

- In depth, accurate testing of assigned focus area

- Working and communicating well in teams(local and offsite)

- Clear execution and understanding of various compliance checklists and related technical test cases

- In depth understanding of Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 requirements as well as specific Legal Requirements.

- Ability to handle and apply creative feedback from supervisors

- Ability to design and create project specific checklists (i.e. Custom Test Plans, Time Tracking, Project Bug Count and Workflow Charts, etc.) in an orderly manner to help and maintain a constant productive and fluid workflow during different stages of the project (i.e.Alpha, Beta, Final)


Management-Marketing, with specialization on Management


Romanian-American University, Bucharest (Romania)


Obtained YOUTHpass via Growing YOUrope project (a Youth Exchange with 30 young people from Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy,Romania and Spain) – 25/06/2014 to 02/07/2014