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I like working and I love writing, I think this is a good mix when it comes to getting the job done. Looking forward to new projects and opportunities.


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I am proficient in english on all levels and I like writing and developing new ideas.

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I am engaged in other projects and have successfully finished projects among other Freelance Platforms.



Android vs IOS

                This is by far one of the most discussed topics on the internet. There is no escape and it is going on for years. Ever since the first iPhone was launched some people liked it while some didn’t find it that likeable. The last ones found comfort in the Android, the top competitor for IOS when it comes to phone operating systems.

                It could have remained just a topic but it was not the case, people started to take sides and that fuelled the companies which were involved. With this came a faster release for new updates and patches and also faster and more aggressive releases in phones as each competitor was trying to push ahead in sales and overall market control. This has sometimes led to a not so different phone being released. It was just a newer phone rather than a fully upgraded model of the last phone.

                As it usually happens in this cases the two sides could not have been more different. IOS *** are almost all the time people who like to know they have a certain social status, on the other hand Android *** like to enjoy as much as possible using all the available tools. Both sides like technology, they just perceive it in a different way.

Android and IOS alike benefit from a digital store of their own (Google Play and App Store) that provides applications and games. This store is now the next step in this battle as both competitors try to offer the best end user experience. There have been cases when *** switched from one OS to another just so they could have something that they we’re missing.

IOS offers a bright and intuitive dashboard, made to be very quick to learn and master. Android has a different approach, and while you might struggle in the beginning if used correctly and configured as it should it can become a powerful tool. There are however different customization levels for each of the two and you can quickly have what you desire and need when it comes to your phone.

What you can’t have is a genuine iPhone using Android or an LG G5 using IOS.


In the end your choice is the only one that matters, it is your phone and you’re the one who is going to use and hopefully enjoy it.


Master's Degree University of Bucharest - Databases and Web Technologies