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I'm an iOS developer with a master's degree in Computer Science and 3 years experience in iOS development.

Experience level: middle
Rate Euro/h: 15
Hours available per week: 30

As an iOS developer, I've worked with Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth, Crittercism SDK (crash report tool), MapKit, Google Maps SDK, AFNetworking, Facebook SDK, Local Notifications, Push Notifications, custom built libraries, developed own libraries and many more.

I love using Objective-C blocks, delegates pattern and Notification Center.

I like working on great UIs: animations, layout constraints (changing constants and priorities), custom navigation controllers, self-written side panels and many more.


- knowledge of C and Objective-C

- knowledge of OOP (plenty individual Java, C#, C++ and Objective-C projects)

- knowledge of buffer and stack overflows

- debugging skills (used to work with Xcode, Visual Studio and Eclipse/NetBeans)

- knowledge of web services (mostly REST)

- knowledge of databases and RDBMSs (Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB)

- good knowledge of web programming (Server: NodeJS, ASP.NET, Client: HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery)

- know how to work with subversioning tools (Git, SVN, CVS)

Mobile App Developers
Software Developers
English - advanced
Romanian - advanced

iOS Team Leader | Clarisoft

October 2014 - Present

- Developing high-quality iOS apps and coordinating the development of their counterparts on Android

- Splitting projects into tasks and activities to be assigned to team members to reach completion efficiently

- Handling the releases, deployments and assuring maintenance

- Working closely with other development teams and the quality assurance department

- Keeping customers informed with the progress and development phases of their projects - Researching new technologies to integrate in the development process

- Attending interviews and hiring of new team members

- Writing code conventions

- Reviewing team members' written code

- Assist and help team members with the development process and "how-to" ideas

- Making performance reviews for team members, one-on-one meetings and improvement plans


iOS Developer | Clarisoft

October 2013 - Present

- Analyze incoming projects for mobile development team (iOS and Android) and create time estimations to complete them

- Create project architecture

- Leading projects development (assign tasks to myself and other iOS developers, assist and instruct Android team with project development)

- Writing code - Improving existing code - Writing some more code

- Taking apps through App Store publishing process (according to Apple guidelines) and Google Play publishing process




Master's degree, Computer science | Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti

2013 - 2015
Relevant Covered Subjects:
- E-commerce (web services, Wordpress)
- Software Quality
- Java SE
- Mobile Applications Development (Android)
- Distributed Applications Development (Java EE)
- Computer Graphics (OpenGL)
- Numerical Analysis (Image & Sound Processing)
- Artificial Intelligence
- Programming Engineering
- UML Language
- Database Management

Bachelor's degree, Computer science | Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti

2010 - 2013
Bachelor Thesis - Vulnerabilites and Exploits in C/C++
Relevant Covered Subjects:
- Windows Application Programming (C# - events, delegates, user controls)
- Object Oriented Programming (C++ - function pointers, OOP concepts, template classes, STL)
- Data Structures (C - linked lists, stacks, quotes, binary trees, hash tables)
- Computer Programming (C/C++ - working with files, pointers, offsets, data types and sizes, dynamic allocation)
- Networks and Socket programming (TCP/IP, UDP, ISO/OSI Model)
- Information Technology (computer architectures, registers, canonical functions, internal data representation)
- Programming Algorithms (C)
- Software Packages (SAS)