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Computer Engineer

I am a 20 years old student at the University of POLITEHNICA Bucharest in the domain of Computer Science. I have the necessary skills to solve a diversity of tasks in the IT domain. I have also ECDL certificate, a Cambridge B2 diploma and DELF B2 diploma, so I can translate from English, French and Romanian. I am very familiar with C programming, Matlab, Shell Scripting, JavaScript (P5 library), HTML/CSS and I also can create and edit databases with MySQL or Microsoft Acces. I also know how to operate with virtual machines and Operating Systems such as Windows (any version), Linux and UNIX, FreeBSD and MacOS. I can root and install custom softwares on Android devices. If you have any task on creating or editing documents in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, I can solve it for you. My typing on computer is very fast and accurate.

Experience level: entry
Rate Euro/h: 7
Hours available per week: 30

       Programming Languages: C, C++, JavaScript, Matlab, HTML, CSS, Bash

·         Courses: OOP, Data Structures, Numerical Methods

·         Use of Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, Android, FreeBSD

·         Creating and editing databases using MySql (CLI and GUI)

·         Little knowledge about hacking with Kali Linux

·         Use of Docker

·         Experience with Virtual Machines

·         Knowledge about Neural Networks

·         Communication and networking skills

·         Team oriented skills

·         English proficiency in both reading and writing

·         Experience with assembling/disassembling computer hardware (Servers, PCs, Laptops, Smartphones)

·         Knowledge of using Raspberry Pi 3

·         Knowledge of using Microsoft Office Suite

IT & Networking
English - advanced
French - advanced
Romanian - advanced
  • Program for editing BMP photos in C
  • Implementation of a simple “heap allocation” system in C
  • Program for evaluating matemathical expressions written in C
  • Program which simulates a simple “Poker tournament” written in C
  • Implementation of “Page Rank” algorithm in Matlab
  • Compressing photos using “SVD” algorithm in Matlab
  • Creating graphical elements with simple physics system in JavaScript (P5 library)
  • Creating simple HTML pages with CSS styling
  • Installation of various Linux distros, Android and Windows versions in VMs and directly on hardware
  • Rooting and installing custom firmwares on any android device



My main objectives are to accumulate experience and develop my teamwork skills. Moreover, I would like to learn about programming and further increase my IT knowledge.


I have experienced that computer science is my passion: to pioneer, to test my knowledge and create something beautiful. My dream after graduation is to find a job in which this is possible.



Bachelor Degree | Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest                                                                                                2017 -> PRESENT


·         Student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Automatic Control, the Department of Computer Science, The Polytechnic University of Bucharest.


Student at National College “Fra?ii Buze?ti” Craiova                                2013 -> 2017

Field of Studies: Mathematics - Informatics french bilingual



·         ECDL Profile Certificate


·         Cambridge ESOL Level 1 Certificate – Council of Europe Level B2

·         Diplôme D’Études en Langue Française (DELF) – Niveau B2

·         Atestat de Competen?e Profesionale: Realizarea managementului site-urilor web, sistemelor de operare a calculatoarelor, furnizarea facilit??ilor de procesare a datelor, inclusiv a serviciilor – suport

Atestat de Competen?? Lingvistic?: Competen?e lingvistice în limba francez?