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Senior System engineer

I consider myself to be a trust-able person in the professional environment and in other circumstances equally . You can be sure that when I start a project or a mission I will always reach the finish line no matter the difficulty.

I carry on when others stop because something just doesn't work as it should.It might be stubbornness but that's just me and it can be considered either a flaw or a big advantage.

"You can never know if something works if you don't try all the possible solutions"


During my career I have gathered experiences in many areas such as VMware, AWS,  Windows Server OS, Windows Client OS, SQL Server, Linux, AD/DNS/DHCP management , Networking and so on . The list can continue but I see it pointless to just enlist all of my acquired knowledge during the past years since each new job might require only a specific portion of knowledge.

Experience level: senior



SQL server

Windows OS

Windows server OS

Data Entry Specialists
Design & Creative
IT & Networking
QA / Testing
English - advanced
French - beginner

- VMware: fully install from scratch (ESX servers, Storage, vCenter ), monitoring the virtual environment, deployment of new virtual machines, alarm fixes, updates etc.

- Storage management

- Backup using predefined tools or self-made scripts 

- Support IT software/hardware (servers only) 24/7

- Install new hardware : racks, servers,network equipment and so on.

- DHCP/AD/DNS management

- Server maintenance (Windows Server 2008 – 2016 )

- Powershell and PowerCLI automation scripts 

- AWS Platform