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Middle Software Engineer


I am Adrian. Thank you for reading my description! 

Working in the last years in IT I know how important it is to work responsible, to be punctual, to do your best every day and to meet the deadlines. I belive in good and reliable partenerships with continous communication, feedback and improvement.

If I can help with you in any C#, ASP.NET, SQL, jQuery, HTML or any related fields please do not hesitate to contact me.

Experience level: middle
Hours available per week: 40

3 years of C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WebForms and .NET

4 years in working with SQL

4+ years in developing products and web platforms( the above technologies but also including HTML, MySQL, PHP and other)

Engineering & Architecture
English - advanced
French - medium
Norwegian - beginner

I have over 4 years in IT, working with different tools and programming languages.

Over 3 years of those are in working with C#, ASP.NET, SQL and other Microsoft technologies.




I have developed 5 platforms

1. Educational, I created a web platform so that the visitors could find theirs orthographic mistakes such as misspelling. The platform also could generate suggestions for words so that the text would be more fitted, also it could generate definitions for words.


2. Blogging, this was my professional blog where i added articles about IT related topics and my opinion on them with problems that could appear.


3. CariereIdeale.Ro The purpose of this was to publish job offers similar to eJobs with the possibility of applying to them and keeping in touch with the companies response and facilitate their interaction.


4. Truck platform where it can generate the optimum path for transporting goods taking into account the distance, cost, truck load and profitability of the transport.


5. Various very big projects at the company that I currently work at.


Master degree in IT, Business Modelling and Distributed Computing, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor degree in IT and Economics, Cluj-Napoca