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Skill-urile mele la design sunt unele mediu si sub mediu..
3 EUR/h, 5 Hours/Week,


I love to create meaningful experiences and quality content. I am interested to grow and help you do that same. My top values include: honesty, transparency and integrity.  I worked in different industries ranging from software, higher ...

Project Management  Social Media Management  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator  Technical Writing  Copywriting 


Graphic Junior
I m student at Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti. 

I have experience in Autocad, Photoshop, Lightroom, Microsoft Office, Creative Writing.
2 EUR/h, 20-26 Hours/Week,


Conent writer, logo designer, and more
Salut, numele meu este Vlad, am 19 ani si sunt student la facultatea de mecanica din Iasi. Am foarte mult timp liber pe care mi-ar placea sa-l investesc in scrierea unor articole, lucrari, sau continut pentru diverse blog-uri.

Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office 2010.
10 EUR/h, 30 Hours/Week,


Video Editor
Hi, my name is Vladut (please call me Vlad) and I know stuff about video editing.I 

I still have a lot to learn but I know how to use Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.  I think that I can do anything on a medium level task!
10 Hours/Week,

Vladut Gabriel

Designer, AI Illustrater, Photoshop.
I love creating all kind of stuff, from logos to web elements and wallpapers.

I am currently working in Photshop and Illustrator.
4 EUR/h, 15 Hours/Week, Romania


graphic designer

Prelucrare imagini in Adobe PhotoshopMachete pentru diverse reclame/printuri in Adobe Photoshop si Corell Draw Fotograf - Fotoreporter Prelucrarea fotografiilor in Lightroom
5 EUR/h, 80 Hours/Week,


Designer banner/logo/retusare/modelare/modificare lumina contrast/modificare poze.

Designer banner/logo/retusare/modelare/modificare lumina contrast/modificare poze
5 EUR/h,


Video Graphic Designer
Hi everyone, I am a professional designer and have been serving the design creation industry since 2014. I specialize in motion graphics, intro design,video editing and logo design.

Web Development   Wordpress   Adobe Photoshop   Website Design   Logo Design   Adobe Ilustrator   Video Editing   Graphic ...


CG artist

3D Studio Max Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Caricatures
20 Hours/Week,