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Software Engineer

Web Design(HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, JS) Graphic Design Logo, MS Office(Word, Excel,Access, PowerPoint,etc.) , MS SQL
5 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,

Alin Sebastian

Nevo Labs - Web Development Agency

-PHP 5 ( OOP and MVC); - PHP Frameworks; - MySQL 5 (database design, queries, requests); - JavaScript; - HTML/XHTML; - CSS; - SEO; - Other (SSL, AJAX, JSON, XML, IMAP) ; - Images editing and processing (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator); - ...
25 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


.NET Developer
I'm a .NET developer but also passionate about Python and information Security and Cryptography. I graduated Computer Science in Iasi in 2017, and now I am a .NEt developer in an IT company in Iasi.

- .NET Framework - .NET Core - Python - SQL (MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL) - LINQ - HTML, CSS, Angular (junior level)
7 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week, Romania


PHP / Magento Certified Developer

Click to edit summaryTechnical skills:- web development experience using: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX, JSON), XML, HTML5, CSS;- database implementation and querying skills: MySQL, PostgreSQL;- experience with PHP Frameworks/Applications: Magento, ...
18 EUR/h, 15 Hours/Week, Romania


Junior Software Developer

C/C++ HTML CSS MySQL Java Script Matlab
8 EUR/h, 35 Hours/Week, Romania


Software Development Services, Testing and Consulting

Web Development: .Net, JAVA, AngularJS, NodeJS, PHP; Native Mobile Development: Android and iOS;  



Programming languages: C#, Android, Java, Swift, HTML, Javascript VCS: Git, SVN Continuous Integration Tools: TeamCity Tracking Tools: Jira Databases: MS SQL, MySQL


Software Engineer
I've worked for outsourcing companies for the past three years, developing experience with different technologies and phases of the project. I've grown as a developer and now I am able to build a software project from scratch. I am looking to ...

NodeJS Javascript, ReactJS HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, responsive web design C, C++ Java (OOP, Threading), Spring Framework, MVC, GWT Oracle, SQL Objective C Design Patterns
10 EUR/h, 30 Hours/Week,


Software Engineer, Designer, Social Media & Marketing

Software Development. Graphics Design Communication & Marketing


Software Developer
Sunt inginer IT, iar de peste doi ani lucrez ca software developer.  

PHP, MYSQL, Joomla, Laravel, WordPress, Phalcon, CSS, HTML.
15 EUR/h, 15 Hours/Week,