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Freelance Web Developer
My experience (8+ years) as a Web Developer consists of building web sites and applications, both backend and frontend, using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and other technologies.Since 2015, I'm a freelancer, working for ...

Development and maintenance of web sites and applications, both backend and frontend. Programming in an object-oriented (OOP) manner. Using MVC architecture. Working with data within complex structures. Creation and configuration of cronjobs and ...
22 EUR/h, 30 Hours/Week, Romania

Vlad Andrei

Web developer
My name is Turtoi Vlad, I am a web developer with six years experience. Four years I was exclusive to backend developer and another two full stack

  Php, c#/ASP, java, Mysql, MSSQL, PSQL, ElasticSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular2, Angular, Laravel, Codeigniter, Spring, Hibernate
25 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,

Vlad George

Student in Computer Science

good knowledges in C, C++, Java also know Python, Racket, Haskell in highschool, I worked with HTML, CSS, PHP


Software Engineer
The power of learning and processing information quickly, the optimism and the team spirit recommend myself for any job and at the same time it motivates me to progress and to improve my skills and abilities. I am able to develop web applications ...

Java Spring Framework JSF AngularJS HTML CSS JavaScript Git SVN SQL JUnit
3Euros/ h EUR/h, 25 - 30 Hours/Week, Romania


Conent writer, logo designer, and more
Salut, numele meu este Vlad, am 19 ani si sunt student la facultatea de mecanica din Iasi. Am foarte mult timp liber pe care mi-ar placea sa-l investesc in scrierea unor articole, lucrari, sau continut pentru diverse blog-uri.

Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office 2010.
10 EUR/h, 30 Hours/Week,


Video Editor
Hi, my name is Vladut (please call me Vlad) and I know stuff about video editing.I 

I still have a lot to learn but I know how to use Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.  I think that I can do anything on a medium level task!
10 Hours/Week,


Freelancer specializat in realizarea website-urilor pe platforma WordPres
Salut, numele meu este Radu Vladut ?i sunt un freelancer Web Development din Craiova, România, ce furnizeaz? clien?ilor s?i atât servicii integrate de web Development, optimizare seo, logo design cât ?i servicii ...

Wordpress, HTML, SEO, Website Development
10 EUR/h, 25 Hours/Week,

Vladut Gabriel

Designer, AI Illustrater, Photoshop.
I love creating all kind of stuff, from logos to web elements and wallpapers.

I am currently working in Photshop and Illustrator.
4 EUR/h, 15 Hours/Week, Romania


QA Manual Tester

I write test cases and register the bugs.
10 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week, Romania


Java Developer

Java SE, Java EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, JSP, JSF, JSON, XML