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Front End Developer

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop


Web Developer
I'm a Full-Stack PHP Developer passionate of programming, open source, best practices and technology.My experience covers legacy applications, frameworks, modular and monolithic applications, CMSes, eCommerce systems, APIs and 3-rd party ...

Code: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, YAML Environment: Docker, LAMP/LEMP, Vagrant,  Puppet, Ansible, Chef, PLESK, cPanel, Redis,  ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ Tools: Symfony2, Silex, Sylius, Doctrine2, ...
25 EUR/h, 10-20 Hours/Week, Moldova


graphic designer

Corel Draw, Photoshop
10euro EUR/h, 30-40 Hours/Week,


Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Webdesign SEO Optimization PHP / HTML Wordpress Joomla e-Commerce (Prestashop, Magenta, WoCommerce)

Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Premiere
9 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,


sound engineer, cameraman, video editor
Port plete si barba, sunt de parere ca exista o judecata de apoi si ma simt cam incomfortabil sa lucrez la o masinarie care contribuie la cresterea emisiilor de CO2 din atmosfera insa probabil fac asta pentru ca poate/probabil sunt un ...

70 cuvinte/minut, editare audio/video, compozitie muzicala, inregistrare audio, filmat, crescut plante, gatit, chitara, 
7 EUR/h, 30 Hours/Week,


Software Engineer
Open minded and eager to learn , socially adapted and a solution builder.


Victor Cristian

Java / Android Developer

Java 1MySQL 1XML 1JavaScript 1Mobile Applications JDBC Assembly Language SQLite Servlets JSP Victor also knows about... Android SDK Linux Verilog HTML5 Computer ...


.net software developer
I've got about 6 years experience with .net and also brief experience with java and node.js. With .net I've worked on various types of applications including web applications (data management, logistics, erp and others), winforms applications ...

.net c# javascript html css jquery angularjs angular2 bootstrap nodejs wcf entity framework sql server  oracle sql
10 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania



I adapt easy I manage the time and the way of workin  Seriousness


Young student who wants to make some extra money in his spare time. Interested in Music Production, Graphic Design, C# and C++ programming, Translating and anything I'm capable of.

C# Programming - 1 year experience C++ Programming - 3 years of experience Graphic Design - 2 years of experience Translating - 5 years of experience Music Production - 2 years of experience
10 EUR/h, 25 Hours/Week,