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Outsourcing Company

Backend: PHP(Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal), PYTHON(Django), NODEJS(expresjs, nestjs, koa, sailsjs), GOLANG (Gin, Buffalo, Echo) Frontend: Javascript(Angular/React/Vue/Nextjs/Nuxt)/CSS(Bootstrap/Focundation/Tailwind/Materializecss)/HMTL Mobile: ...
40 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


Multi Functional
I am a guy who needs some pocketmoney and knows two or three things.

I know how to draw and do logos. I can test games and find bugs. I have some decent experience in photoshop and editing videos.  
1 EUR/h, 12 Hours/Week,


Architect & Graphic designer

Architecture · Drawing · Graphic Design · Iconography · Industrial ...
15 EUR/h, 50 Hours/Week,


Software Engineer



Middle Software Engineer
Hi!  I am Adrian. Thank you for reading my description!  Working in the last years in IT I know how important it is to work responsible, to be punctual, to do your best every day and to meet the deadlines. I belive in good and reliable ...

3 years of C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WebForms and .NET 4 years in working with SQL 4+ years in developing products and web platforms( the above technologies but also including HTML, MySQL, PHP and other)
40 Hours/Week, Romania


Software / Hardware engineer



.NET Engineer in Trainee Program

Engineering OOP Java Android Development SQL HTML CSS Algorithms Project Management Systems Engineering Process Automation Computer Hardware Microsoft Excel Databases System Theory .NET Framework ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web ...


Software Engineer
Sunt pasionat de programare si calculatoare in general. Am lucrat si lucrez in domeniul software-ului. Creez, mentin si modific software in mai multe sisteme si limbaje. Ca si hobby am microcontrolerele pe 8 biti.

2001-2003 - VB6, Java, Oracle, ModBus. 2003-2006 - C#, SqlServer, VBA. 2006-2014 - Java, Python, PHP, MySql, SqlServer, Firebird, C, SqlServer, VBA, Sysadmin (Windows si Linux), Networking, Git   2014-Now - Go, Java, C#, C, Docker, AWS, ...
25 EUR/h, 10-20 Hours/Week,


Sofware Engineer

Best Skills


Software Development E2E Services
Having built a complete team since 2015 (management/business analysis/architecture/test engineering/consultancy/development), GekkoFox delivers projects for enterprise customers representing some of the largest industries in the world: Telco, ...

Java/JavaEE/Android SDK/iOS app development .NET/C#/Microsoft stack - certified Frontend - AngularJS, Reakt, Vue etc DataBases - Hadoop, BigData, SQL, MsSql, MySQL - certified