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Student,Software Engineer
Student la UPB, Automatica, ingineria sistemelor.

Web Developing, HTML5, JS, a little node.js, Unity3D, C.


Software Developer
Experienced entry Software Developer willing to learn and adapt to various projects and tasks.

Mainly aimed to web development, but with various other knowledge.
3 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,


Application Developer
Self-taught application developer enthusiast

Java SE, Java EE, Spring, Struts.


Software Engineer

NPM, Maven, Java, Javascript


Software Engineer
Open-minded software developer on the lookout for ways of expanding and improving my skills.

Good knowledge of: Java, C#, Python, Django, JQuery, Bootstrap. Basic knowledge of: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.
20 Hours/Week, Romania


Expert Software Engineer

JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, OOP, Web Services, .NET, Web Applications, Git, AJAX, JSON, Software Development, Design Patterns, CoffeeScript, MVC, Linux, PostgreSQL, Subversion, jQuery, CSS, Symfony, Zend Framework, XML, Backbone.js, ...
30 EUR/h, Romania


Software Engineer

* Android Applications Development * Web Development using Google Web Toolkit * C/C++/C#, Java * Python  


Software Engineer

Web Design(HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, JS) Graphic Design Logo, MS Office(Word, Excel,Access, PowerPoint,etc.) , MS SQL
5 EUR/h, 20 Hours/Week,

Alin Sebastian

Nevo Labs - Web Development Agency

-PHP 5 ( OOP and MVC); - PHP Frameworks; - MySQL 5 (database design, queries, requests); - JavaScript; - HTML/XHTML; - CSS; - SEO; - Other (SSL, AJAX, JSON, XML, IMAP) ; - Images editing and processing (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator); - ...
25 EUR/h, 40 Hours/Week, Romania


.NET Developer
I'm a .NET developer but also passionate about Python and information Security and Cryptography. I graduated Computer Science in Iasi in 2017, and now I am a .NEt developer in an IT company in Iasi.

- .NET Framework - .NET Core - Python - SQL (MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL) - LINQ - HTML, CSS, Angular (junior level)
7 EUR/h, 10 Hours/Week, Romania